This historic 1966 Republic of (south) Korea’s Army Taekwon-Do Manual was preserved by Grandmaster Jung Woo-Jin, the CEO and Publisher of TaeKwonDo Times Magazine. As a young Soldier he was issued this book and used it as a guide to teach when deployed to Vietnam during their Civil War. Grandmaster Jung also used it as a tool to teach himself the Chon-Ji set of forms that became known as the Chang Hon Patterns, after the Pen Name of the principle designer General Choi Hong-Hi.

It may be interesting to note that Grandmaster Jung was so impressed with the contents of the book he wrote Choi Hong-Hi in the back inside cover. Next to it he added a question mark (?) indicating his wonderment of who is this author that wrote such an impressive Taekwon-Do manual? Ironically we do know that eventually their paths would cross and Grandmaster Jung would become a trusted ally of General Choi. In fact Grandmaster Jung was only one (1) of seven (7) promoted to IX Dan (9th Degree) by the principle founder of Taekwon-Do. This was effective March 21, 2002 (A-9-4). Today Grandmaster Jung is the main leader that General Choi handed the Taekwon-Do Diplomacy Torch to.

TaeKwonDo Times Magazine is continuing General Choi’s dream of building “a more peaceful world” by working to unite the world “through martial arts.” It is Grandmaster Jung who is working tirelessly to achieve reunification (TONG-IL) of their beloved Korea and foster better relations between north Korea (DPRK) and his adopted homeland America (USA), by using Taekwon-Do as a soft diplomatic tool. Grandmaster Jung stood alongside General Choi during the more turbulent political times when he was the only one who would risk publishing the 15 Volume Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do for him, despite repeated threats by the infamous KCIA at the behest of the military regime of General Chun Do-Hwan.

The telling of history would be remiss if it did not include that because of the politics which forced General Choi to live a life in exile when he ran for his safety from Korea in 1972, orders went out to destroy the books he wrote. Thankfully people like Grandmaster Jung preserved archival treasures like the 1966 ROK Army Taekwon-Do Manual. He has been gracious to share it with others, including myself. Now we are happy to share it with whoever wishes to have this historic gem in their personal collection. It is precisely with evidence like this and the other artifacts I will make available through HistoryOfTaekwondo.org website that we can correct the history of Taekwon-Do and credit the many who deserve long overdue recognition.

Thank you Grandmaster Jung Woo-Jin and TaeKwonDo Times!



Dr. George Vitale, PhD

www.HistoryOfTaekwondo.org www.GeorgeVitale.nyc

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5 thoughts on “The 1966 ROK Army Taekwon-Do Manual

  1. Wow! This is fantastic sir. It is so important for all of us TaeKwon-Do Instrs. and students to receive this important information about the passion we all love. Thank you to Grand Master Jung and a big salute to Dr. George Vitale who dedicates his time to provide the research needed to uncover the true history of Taekwon-Do so we can all enjoy the benefits of our Martial Art and honor the Pioneers that sacrificed so much.
    Yours in Taekwon-Do,
    John J Connolly

  2. Great historic resources!

    This manual is similar to the 1965 TKD book by gen. Choi, in English language and displays the straight ahead no nonsense approach of original military Taekwon-Do

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