Welcome! Thank you for stopping by to what I hope will be a fun experience where you can hopefully learn more about the factual history of Tae Kwon Do and the developmental process as it unfolded. This site will endeavor to stick as closely as possible to the Who did What, Where and When did they do it. Once readers come to know more about the 4 Ws it is believed that much of the confusion surrounding the history will become clearer. This site promises to be both inclusive and comprehensive. I am confident that when readers become more informed using this approach, they can’t help but realize that all students of Tae Kwon Do, no matter style, affiliation or location, do indeed have much more in common that that which separates us! Please feel free to contribute, as that is how learning is enhanced for all. I only ask that you observe the 1st Tenet of Taekwon-Do, COURTESY and provide source documentation for any claims or assertions that one shares! Of course we will inevitably also deal with the How and Why something was done. But as you may be aware these areas can be subjective, especially in the case of the Why. So we should take care with these issues and clearly state upfront when offering opinions. I would be most appreciative if you were kind enough to please spread the word about this site.

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